Poop and Politics

Note: I vowed to keep this blog as politics-free as possible, but I’m making an exception in this case because 1) I have a feeling that nobody really cares, and 2) I’m kinda proud of this silly little project!

For anyone who wasn’t a terrible human being, Trump’s term was a daily struggle to get through. Every day we woke up wondering what stupid new thing he’d said or done to further humiliate America in front of the rest of the world.

One day in 2019 while walking my dog Mondo, he stopped and squatted to push out one of his typically massive shits. I thought to myself, “Oh look, here comes another Trump tweet.” And an idea was born! So I picked out some of his dumbest tweets and photos from before and during his term, and with some printed labels and toothpicks I began a little art project called Trump Dumps. What better way to symbolize the substance and value of a Trump opinion than a fresh dog turd? It’s, like, poetic and stuff.

To display them, I created an Instagram account called @trump_dumps2020 and started posting one every week or so. This didn’t go on too long — I posted them for a few months before getting tired of looking at his dumb words and trying to get decent lighting and angles for piles of toxic poop. But it was weirdly therapeutic (and satisfyingly juvenile), so I suppose it served its purpose.

Here is the full Trump Dumps collection, including a few which I never got around to posting. Enjoy…?

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